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Our Philanthropic Members with a keen desire to improve the welfare of individuals are able to benefit greatly from the UMi platform. By focusing on the individual, UMi is able to provide community snapshots generated by real individualized datasets that are holistic in scope as well as uniquely insightful.

With this approach, we are able to not only build innovative community engagement models for products and services but also enhance the giving savvy of the average Philanthropists or Philanthropic Group through an interactive environment that uses data to teach a donor how to become more impactful as a giver.

Through UMi, Philanthropists can feel comfortable they are supporting organizations that create substantial and measurable impact.

  • Measurable return on donated dollars
  • Increased visibility of programs, goods, and services that support community
  • Increasing the Engagement, Benchmarking, and Sustainability of Programs that resources are meant to support
  • Increased measurable behavior change in niche communities
  • Impact Awards Program for Philanthropists to better understand the impact of their giving patterns in relation to other donors.

“It’s always the start that requires the greatest effort”

– James C. Penney

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