societal change with community based participatory research

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An Institution is an organizational body created for a certain purpose. So is UMi. Our purpose is to improve the lives of individuals, communities, and the economy alike. Our partnership would create a space where exploration of targeted demographics can be identified with pinpoint precision through the UMi DES Program.

Our platforms introduce a new level of accessibility to streams of data that are meaningful, applicable, and customizable to niche communities. Simplifying the qualification process for new grants and funding, UMi can unlock the door to relevant data-sets aligned with an Institution’s research focus.

  • Qualifying for new grants based on innovation and the UMi Score
  • Access to funding that comes to UMi based on relevant datasets/profiles the Universities Research Focus has with a particular UMi Profile
  • Data publishing opportunities
  • Access to innovation being able to use cutting-edge hardware and software of UMi’s socially responsible corporations via CBPR. (UMi Corporate Partner Ex: (A Unity System]

"The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been."

– Henry Kissinger

Step 1

Identify initiatives

Step 2

Select Demographic

Step 3

Engage Community

Step 4

Provide Feedback

Step 5

Innovation Continues

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